Improvements you want to see in NEPSE TMS.


  1. – same day buy/sell.
    – at least 6 hours trading a day.
    – configurable auto stop loss/take profit.
    – a really user friendly ui/ux.
    – scale up- it is slow and hangs up.
    – able to place/edit order any time, any day- after all it is online.
    – ability to trade on index and subindexes themselves.
    – decimal qty eg. possiblity to buy 0.5 unl.
    – no collateral, link your bank and one click settle once you buy stock.
    – (no need ability to short though.)

  2. Stocks Buy/Sell request post garda tyo small price range vitra simit garnu vanda previous closing price ko Up or Down 10% ma Buy/Sell request post garna dinu parne ho.

    Gaali garne haina hai.

    It’s just a thought..


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