Investors of r/NepalStock who have gained good profit or accumulated wealth over the years, what advice you would like to give to someone who is just starting to invest?


  1. Patience rakhne ani long term lai sochne ; lov nagarne continuous invest grdai jane dividend dine comp ma invest grne ani ramro comp ma invest gryau vane paisa kamaune vnda ni gumaune chanche chai kaam huncha. Look for downside the upside will take care of itself

  2. Bro Nepal ma Charts padhera trade garna ekdam garo cha. Whole market is influenced indirectly. Eeuta news le up down gardincha market without any sense. Big players harule sano lai fasayera aafu exit hannu is very common nowadays. Politics le pani ekdam affect garxa so we must be very contemplated while taking trade and good luck to you bro. Happy trading


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