LTP < NAV even right before Maturity.

After a Mutual Fund matures, you are supposed to get paid it’s recent NAV, right? But, I realized that even right before maturity, the Mutual fund was being traded at a price way below it’s NAV. Why wasn’t anyone buying it at LTP(say 10) right before it matures to get paid it’s NAV(say 11)? So, what am I missing here? Taxes?

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  1. Because

    1) It takes a while to get that money. So interest amount played a little role.

    2) Some Remaining Stocks will be auctioned off meaning there is still risk of actual money in hand not reflecting closing day NAV.

    And I am not sure how and what tax is deducted. Id assume any amount above rs 10 per stock is taxed as capital gains.


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