Making sense of NEPSE turnover !?


  1. Turnover is used to know the interest of people in the market i.e high turnover means people are interested into the market and low turnover means people aren’t.

    and another thing knowing sectoral turnover in NEPSE helps to analyze trend in particular segment. For example suppose if you see rising turnover in a particular segment then you can deduce it that that sector is likely to see a bull rally for sometime.

  2. What kind of information do you extract from the below information.

    Fifa world cup final 2018 number of attendees: 78,011

    Fifa womens world cup final 2019 number of attendees: 57,900

    Fifa world cup final 2022 number of attendees: 88,966

    Fifa womens world cup 2023 record number of attendees as of now : 27,706

    It is similar thing for me in the stock market as well. For me more turnover means more people are interested in the market, be it buying or selling. It means the stocks are more liquid. It will be easier to buy or sell. The more liquid the market is the more chances of the prices are to rise/fall. Also note that ours is a one way market, i.e. you can only sell the stocks you have. This causes turnover to fall when the prices fall. This fact differentiates NEPSE from most other markets.


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