Market 1100-1200 audai cha bheda ho

As much as I want to go up as I have invested as well. Market is heading down to 1100. 1800-2200 ma halli Racha aile. I posted here nepse will head to 1100 but some bheda investors haru confident will head to 3200 a few months back without any solid backup points. Once 1800 gone back to 11-1200 range. Macro Fundamentals is bleak, unless bajar ma liquidity crisis over huncha and loose monetary policy aucha till then market has no hope. Baru jagga sasto cha teta tira halnu parcha hola paisa bidesh Jane trend up cha bahira bata paisa send gareko le jagga uthaucha for next 5-10 yrs.

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  1. Market 3200 ma pugcha…ra market 1100 ma pugcha bhanne haru eutai hun….no clue about the market just trowing out random numbers

    Edit: Jagga sasto cha…..hard to take you seriously after that claim

  2. Every market is timed as per the US stock market, believe it or not ! Teta ko market sentiment herera invest garne ho. 1100-1200 haina. Might go to 800 who knows !

  3. Considering the listed companies, 1200 nai ta na pugla, but the 1600 range may happen. The market may go record low before bouncing back. Many shit hydros are 100+ , they need to go below 100 before bouncing back.

    Many want to hear good things, and motivation speakers like shiv chanda, artha sarokar guy etc behind fake profile shits hold is gold, cream company, price ghatey Pani kitta ghatdaina etc.

    When the market was sliding many of them said the same, many such cream companies have turned sour, price Pani ghatyo,merge bhaera kitta Pani ghatyo.


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