Market manipulation as always…..

First pic shows top losers from Nepse at around 2:55 pm (2:11 am PC time) . TSHL is loosing the most before market closes.

Second pic shows top gainers from Nepse after market closed (2:16 am PC time). TSHL have gained thr most within 5 minutes (1 minute but as per PC time, its 5 min).

Merolagani has posted the article with title ‘Three star le five star lai uchinna lagyo’. (Exactly title chahi birse aile phone bata hrda article dekhina.) Three star being ‘Three Star Hydropower’ and five star being ‘Sholtee Hotel’. The title makes TSHL big shot.

This is called market manipulation. Not the first time but it is what it is.

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  1. All markets are manipulated man. The thing is as long as you dont use illegal means like insider trading or order spoofing its just how the game works. Its just easier when the market is like how it is rn. Theres low volume traded in many stocks so manipulation doesnt need much investment


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