**Use this thread for discussing IPO of Samling Power Company. All other posts will be rejected, repeat violators will be banned.**

* Issue Date: Kartik 4 – Kartik 8, 2078
* Issue Size: 7,30,000 units @ Rs 100 per unit 6,78,900 units after quota for mutual funds/staffs)
* Minimum application is for 10 units
* Maximum application is for 20,000 units *(should be multiple of 10)*
* Issue Manager: Nepal SBI Merchant Banking Limited
* Credit Rating: [ICRANP-IR] BB- Issuer *(indicates moderate risk of default regarding timely servicing of financial obligations)*


* How to Apply: Online through MeroShare or C-ASBA approved banks
* How many units to apply: 10 kitta or Rs 1,000

**Who can apply?**

* All general public except institutional investors
* Mutual funds (36,500 shares set aside as quota)
* Staffs of the company (14,500 shares set aside as quota)

**Things to Note:**

* Paid-up capital will reach Rs 50 crore arba after the IPO
* Promoter-public ownership will be 75.4 : 24.6 after the IPO
* Networth Per Share: Rs 98.77 (audited Q4 FY76/77)
* Tentative opening range after listing: **Rs 98.77 — Rs 296.31**
* Major Promoters are associated with [Urja Developers Pvt. Ltd.](https://www.urjadeveloper.com/) (joint venture with companies like CE Group of Companies, Sanvi Energy Pvt Ltd., having portfolio of 166MW Dudhkoshi-9 Hydropower, 25MW Tamakoshi-9, 53.5MW Upper Myagdi-1 and many others)

**Powerplant and Project Progress:**

* Mai Beni Hydropower Project of 9.51 MW installed capacity in Mai Khola River, Ilam district
* Run-off-River hydropower project with annual power generation of 53.28 GWh
* Required Commercial Operation Date of Nov 18, 2021
* Total Investment of Rs 2.06 arba with Per MW Cost of Rs 21 crore (including interest)
* Generation License valid for 33 more years (expires Baisakh 5, 2110)

Links: [Offer Letter](https://www.sharesansar.com/announcementdetail/samling-power-company-limited-has-published-an-offer-letter-to-issue-730000-units-ipo-shares-to-the-general-public-from-4th-kartik-to-8th-kartik-2078-2021-10-08) | [Credit Rating](https://www.icranepal.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/94.-Issuer-Rating-Rationale_Samling-Power-Company-Limited.pdf) (PDF)

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