[MEGATHREAD] 90 Lakhs kitta IPO of Citizen Life Insurance (Sep 1 – Sep 5, 2023)


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* Issue Price: Rs 244 per share (Rs 144 premium on top of Rs 100 par value)
* Issue Date: Bhadra 15 – Bhadra 19, 2080
* Issue Size: 90,00,000 units for General Public
* Minimum application is for 10 units
* Maximum application is for 15,00,000 units *(should be multiple of 10)*
* Issue Manager: NIMB Ace Capital Limited
* Credit Rating: \[ICRANP-IR\] BBB- *(indicates moderate degree of default regarding timely servicing of financial obligations)*


* How to Apply: Online through MeroShare or C-ASBA approved banks
* How many units to apply: 10 kitta or Rs 2,440

**Who can apply?**

* All general public except institutional investors
* Staffs of the company (5,62,500 shares set aside as quota)

**Things to Note:**

* Paid-up capital will reach Rs 3.75 Arba after the IPO
* Promoter-public ownership will be 70:30 after the IPO
* Networth Per Share: Rs 172.43 (audited Q4 FY 78/79)
* Earnings Per Share: Rs 21.49 (audited Q4 FY 78/79)
* **Tentative opening range after listing: Rs 172.43 — Rs 517.29**

Links: [Offer Letter]( (PDF) | [Credit Rating]( (PDF)

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