Mobile app for protfolio tracking

I am currently using sharehub but it had some bug related to watchlist . So i installed NepalShare and imported by stocks.

But There is difference in calculations. Difference in WACC, sold values. and i am confused.

I need suggestions for maintaining my portfolio.

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  1. I think the Broker commission and DP fee is added when you enter the selling price. I checked to see the tax gain and found the selling price had to be a bit higher than wacc for that to apply.

    I haven’t sold any yet so I don’t know how that would affect the portfolio calculation.

  2. There seems to be no good options for that. There’s compromise in all portfolio apps I have tried. Sabai vanda jhyau ta. Yo meroshare le aafai gardya vaye kati sajilo hune kura ho. Karodau tirera app banauxa, tetro paisa khanxa. Na ramro server xa, na ramro maintenance, na ramro feature.


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