Nabil Equity Fund (NEF) Nearing Maturity with Consistent Dividends for Investors

Nabil Equity Fund (NEF), a closed-end mutual fund with a 7-year duration and a total size of Rs. 1.25 Arba, is set to reach its maturity date on the 18th of Kartik, 2080. This fund is managed by Nabil Investment Banking Limited, with Nabil Bank Limited serving as the fund’s sponsor. Notably, the fund has consistently provided dividends to its investors over the past three fiscal years.

Upon reaching the end of its maturity period, the trading of shares of this mutual fund will be halted, and investors will receive their share of the investment after the mutual fund sells off all its holdings. This includes shares, debentures, and non-listed shares, and the proceeds will be distributed proportionally among the unit holders. As of Ashwin, the latest Net Asset Value (NAV) of the fund stands at Rs. 10.33.

On the 1st of November, the last traded price of the mutual fund was recorded at Rs. 9.90. This marks the final price at which the fund’s units were traded before its impending maturity.


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