Need 10 Company Shares to Invest in Every Month for a Year


I hope everyone is doing fine.

I want to do a NEPSE investing experiment for twelve months starting Jan 2024 to Dec 2024. I will buy shares of 10 different companies suggested by our highly esteemed members of r/nepalstock for every month of 2024. I plan to invest around ten thousand rupees per stock and one lakh total per month for those twelve months. I hope to buy stocks that cost Rs. 10,000 or less for 10 units (eg. I can’t buy UNL shares which is 35k for a single unit).

So, could you please input your favourite stock, one from each sector mentioned below, if you have the time?

1. Commercial Bank
2. Development Bank
3. Finance
4. Hotel & Tourism
5. Hydropower
6. Investment
7. Life Insurance
8. Manufacturing and Products
9. Microfinance
10. Non-Life Insurance

I will select stocks that are mentioned the most by not new/recent accounts. I would love to hear your reasoning for selecting particular stock(s) but it is not compulsory.

Thank you for your kindness and I will share the results in the future. I hope this is not too much to ask.


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  1. Commercial Bank: NABIL.

    Development Bank: MNBBL

    Finance: GMFIL or MFIL.

    Hotel & Tourism: OHL or SHL.

    Hydropower: CHCL.

    Investment: CIT.

    Life Insurance: NLIC or LICN.

    Manufacturing and Products: SHIVM.

    Microfinance: CBBL.

    Non-Life Insurance: SICL or SIC.

    Others: NTC.


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