Nepal Finance Limited Reports Significant Decline in Q3 Net Profit Amidst Rising Interest Income

Nepal Finance Limited (NFS) has disclosed a significant downturn in its net profit for the third quarter of fiscal year 2080/81, witnessing a staggering 87.24% decline to Rs. 13.18 lakhs. This marks a notable contrast from the previous year’s corresponding period, where the company reported a net profit of Rs. 1.03 Crores.

Despite the downturn in net profit, NFS experienced a rise in net interest income during Q3, climbing to Rs. 7.59 crores from Rs. 6.7 Crores in the same quarter of the preceding fiscal year. However, the company faced challenges as impairment charges amounting to Rs. 1.66 crores contributed to the decline in net profit.

In terms of financial performance, NFS accumulated deposits worth Rs. 2.24 Arba, while its loans and advances to customers stood at Rs. 1.73 Arba by the third quarter of FY 2080/81. The company’s paid-up capital reached Rs. 72.94 crores, with reserves totaling Rs. 72.75 Crores.

Nepal Finance reported an annualized Earnings per Share (EPS) of Rs. 0.24, along with a net worth per share of Rs. 134.83. The figures provided in the report highlight various financial indicators and comparisons between the current and previous fiscal years.

Additionally, the company’s performance metrics, including capital adequacy, non-performing loans (NPL), and cost of funds, depict shifts and percentages illustrating changes in the financial landscape. These statistics provide stakeholders with insights into NFS’s financial health and operational efficiency during the specified period.


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