Nepal Investment Mega Bank Initiates Auction of Promoter Shares: Exclusive Opportunity for Existing Shareholders

The current promoter of Nepal Investment Mega Bank Limited (NIMB) has initiated the auction of 2,55,741 units of shares, exclusively targeting existing promoter shareholders, starting from today, the 30th of Falgun, 2080.

In this auction process, only the existing promoters of NIMB are eligible to participate in the bidding, and they have a window of 35 days from the date of the notice publication, concluding on the 30th of Falgun, to submit their bids.

All interested shareholders are required to submit their bids at the central office of the bank, conveniently located in Lazimpat, Kathmandu. It’s noteworthy that if no bids are received from existing founder shareholders within the specified timeframe, the shares will subsequently be made available for auction to the general public.

As of the latest update, NIMB is listed with a Last Traded Price (LTP) of Rs. 172.90. Simultaneously, NIMBPO, another class of shares associated with the bank, closed at Rs. 140.10. These market values provide insight into the current financial standing and investor sentiment surrounding Nepal Investment Mega Bank Limited and its associated securities.


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