Nepal Rastra Bank Begins Preparations for Fiscal Year 2080-81 Monetary Policy to Boost Economy

The Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) has initiated the process of formulating the monetary policy for the upcoming fiscal year 2080-81. In line with the financial budget announcement for the same fiscal year, the central bank has commenced its work on preparing the monetary policy.

To gather input and recommendations for the monetary policy formulation, the NRB has started accepting suggestions until Ashad 10 at the Department of Economic Research. This step reflects the bank’s intention to incorporate various perspectives and expertise into the policy-making process.

The recently unveiled budget, presented on Jestha 15, sets a target of achieving a six percent economic growth rate. In order to support the government’s goal, the central bank plays a crucial role by crafting an appropriate monetary policy that provides the necessary support and measures.

It has been revealed that the NRB plans to unveil the finalized monetary policy during the first week of Shrawan, 2080. The policy is anticipated to address the current economic challenges faced by the Nepali economy, which has been grappling with a recession. A flexible and adaptive monetary policy is expected to be designed to effectively tackle the prevailing economic issues and stimulate growth.


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