“Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) Reveals OTC Transactions for FY 2079-80, 206 Companies Active in the Market”

The Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) has released the records of Over the Counter (OTC) transactions for the financial year 2079-80, revealing that 206 companies are currently registered and operational in the OTC market.

During FY 2079-80, out of the 206 registered companies in the OTC market, shares of 84 companies were actively traded, with a total of 2,12,64,095 shares being exchanged between investors. These transactions resulted in a combined market capitalization of Rs. 2.85 Arba.

In addition, the OTC transactions generated revenue in the form of Capital Gain Tax (CGT), amounting to Rs. 5.29 crores, which is levied on the profit made from share transactions.

NEPSE introduced the OTC Market platform, which has been operational since 2064 B.S. According to the guidelines set by the Office of the Company Registrar on Magh 18, 2072, public companies that have not listed on the stock exchange due to various reasons, such as de-listing or failure to meet listing criteria, have the opportunity to conduct share transactions and transfers through the OTC market.

The OTC market provides an alternative platform for investors and companies that are not listed on the main stock exchange to participate in share trading, offering increased accessibility and liquidity for shareholders in this segment of the market.


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