Nepal’s Cement and Clinker Exports Surge: Rs. 2.6 Arba in Seven Months; Magh Records Rs. 29 Crores

The Department of Customs has reported a significant increase in cement and clinker exports from Nepal to India, totaling Rs. 2.6 Arba during the first seven months of the current fiscal year (from Shrawan to Magh). This represents a notable 168% rise compared to the previous fiscal year’s exports of Rs. 77.93 crores. Leading this surge are key players in Nepal’s cement industry, including Palpa Cement, Arghakhanchi Cement, and Balaji Cement, actively contributing to the upward trend. Particularly impressive is the month of Magh, where exports reached Rs. 29 crores, showcasing the strong demand for Nepalese cement and clinker in the Indian market. Over the seven months, a significant amount of 21 lakh 47 thousand 345 tons of cement and clinker have been exported to India.



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