NEPSE current situation……….


  1. If you are trading taking a loan, you might be doomed, else I say just invest little by little. On safe stock, not in penny stocks with less capital. Pennu stock will have its days,but not right now.

  2. Understand the market cycles bro. Economy was never satisfactorily good in Nepal. The corona bull was due to central bank injecting money like crazy. The bull cycle will come but not as rapidly as the previous one. I recon the bull this time will be gradual and a longer lasting one. Like the one we had in 2012-2016 . Ignore the noises and just watch out for the interest rates.

  3. You draw lines and shit but the thing is theres a problem in the broader market. Theres not enough money. And its not changing anytime soon. As long as new money does not come its the same 2300 1800 cycle. If more money leaves its below 1800. Not enough bad news to break below1800 yet and not enough new money to go through 2300. As for short term, i believe we might see a small correction but the downtrend in my opinion will continue till around 1850s. Market has reacted at a nice support level so lets see.

  4. I think reversal is soon. As per my understanding of Eliot wave, the corrective second wave is about to complete and the motive third wave which is the largest is about to start. I think those who sold at this level will regret.


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