NEPSE Index Gains 0.71% in Trading Session with Notable Stock Movements

During the most recent trading session on the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE), the NEPSE Index concluded at 1,864.62 points, marking a significant increase of 13.18 points or 0.71% when compared to the previous day’s closing figure. The index had experienced a notable loss of 23.16 points during the preceding trading session.

The day’s trading began with the index opening at 1,851.18 points, subsequently reaching an intraday low of 1,851.03 points. However, it managed to climb to an intraday high of 1,884.67 points before the trading session ended.

In the course of today’s trading activities, a total of 289 different stocks were traded through 45,456 transactions. The total volume of shares exchanged amounted to 3,813,233 units, resulting in a collective turnover of Rs. 1 Arba. The overall market capitalization was reported at Rs. 28.61 Kharba, and the float market capitalization stood at Rs. 10.03 Kharba.

Hathway Investment Nepal Limited (HATHY) boasted the highest turnover for the day, with transactions totaling Rs. 4.62 crores, and it closed at a market price of Rs. 284.

Furthermore, NIBL Pragati Fund (NIBLPF) exhibited the most substantial gain, with an impressive 7.35% increase, closely followed by Swet-Ganga Hydropower & Construction Limited (SGHC), which recorded a gain of 6.91%.

On the flip side, Hathway Investment Nepal Limited (HATHY) experienced the most significant loss, falling by 8.53%.

Regarding sector indices, three sectors concluded in the red, with the “Trading Index” showing the most substantial loss at 1.25%. Conversely, the “Finance Index” demonstrated the highest gain, recording a 1.30% increase.


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