NEPSE REST API Live Price, History Price ,Brokers, Companies and Holidays[Free]

So last year I posted about my Python Package that communicated with []( Rest API, but soon after I released it there were some changes on the NEPSE site and we couldn’t figure out a way around it. And I have been busy with life so couldn’t really work on it.

Last month I worked on developing our own Rest API to make it available to the Developers. It’s currently in an Alpha Stage and I will keep upgrading sourcing more data, and creating archives, and dumps. I plan to add a floor sheet API very soon.

Our API constantly (automatically) scrapes the data of various sources like Merolagani, ShareSansar, and NepaliPaisa and stores them on a database to redistribute in a managed way. I intercept mobile apps and web apps to find the best and most reliable sources to index the data.

I plan to make a trusted, fast, data heaven website for stock enthusiasts. More like a CoinMarketCap for Nepse. Any Criticism, Advice, and Requests are welcome. I just want to give my best on this project.

Site: [](
Discord: [](

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  1. Hey nice work!! Would def love to try! I am working on my own portfolio app too. Its good to see devs working on interesting stuff! Keep of the good work!!

    Sharing your work in my platform for greater reach 🙂


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