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Kohinoor Investment and Securities Pvt. Ltd

Hattisar, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Stock Broker Number 35

Nepse TMS 35 Login

Kohinoor Investment & Securities Pvt Ltd, proudly bearing the Broker Number 35 designation, is a well-established stockbroker agency strategically located at the heart of our financial landscape. Since its inception in the year 2068-05, Kohinoor has consistently earned its stripes as a licensed entity under the auspices of Sebon, the regulatory authority governing Nepal’s financial markets.

At Kohinoor, our unwavering commitment is to provide clients with a brokerage experience that is synonymous with trustworthiness, timeliness, and accuracy. Our vision is to redefine the landscape of stock brokerage services, ultimately empowering our clients to maximize their wealth and achieve their financial objectives.

Our primary objective is to establish a robust brokering service mechanism that not only encourages but also satisfies citizens’ aspirations to engage in the stock market for the long term. Through our dedicated efforts and commitment to delivering top-notch services, we aim to make investing in the stock market an accessible and rewarding endeavor for all.


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