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Swarnalaxmi Securities Pvt. Limited

Kamalpokhari, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Stock Broker Number 37

Nepse TMS 37 Login

Swarnalaxmi Securities Pvt. Ltd. stands as a prominent member of the Nepal Stock Exchange, bearing the esteemed designation of licensed stock broker 37. Regulated by the Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON), we operate as a share broker firm, committed to providing exceptional services within the framework of regulatory standards.

Our presence in the capital market is marked by a strong and ascending trajectory. As a member of the Nepal Stock Exchange, Swarnalaxmi Securities Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to delivering reliable and professional stock brokerage services. With a focus on adherence to regulations and a commitment to excellence, we continue to rise as a corporation, contributing positively to Nepal’s capital market landscape.


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