NEPSE Witnessed Huge Gain of 43.27 Points On 2nd Last Trading Day of Dashain Break; New Brokers Performing Well

In today’s trading session on the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE), there was a strong performance as the NEPSE Index concluded at 1,907.89 points. This represented a significant increase of 43.27 points, or 2.32%, compared to the previous day’s closing. It’s notable that the index had already shown promise by gaining 13.18 points on the last trading day. The reasons behind this substantial upswing are multifaceted.

To begin with, the quarter-end pressure was substantially reduced on this second last trading day before the Dashain break, creating a more favorable trading atmosphere. Additionally, a key factor influencing the market was the recent reduction in interest rates by several banks. This had a noteworthy impact on market dynamics, as the interbank interest rate now stands at 1.99%, well below the saving interest rates offered by financial institutions. Moreover, the Credit-Deposit (CD) ratio is relatively low at 81.81%, indicating ample liquidity availability in the market.

The decision to reduce broker commissions by 10% has boosted investor confidence, leading to increased demand in the market. The emergence of new brokers also played a crucial role in today’s trading session. One of the new brokers, Sharepro Securities Broker no. 65, delivered an impressive performance, securing a prominent position in the market, specifically ranking seventh in terms of influence and success in today’s trading.

The trading day began with the index opening at 1,864.28, reaching an intraday low of 1,864.25 and a high of 1,908.40.

Throughout the trading session, a total of 286 different stocks were traded in 31,788 transactions. The volume of shares traded amounted to 3,772,023 units, with a total turnover of Rs. 93.48 Crore. The market capitalization stood at Rs. 29.27 Kharba, with a float market capitalization of Rs. 10.27 Kharba.

Sanima GIC Insurance Limited (SGIC) led in terms of turnover, with transactions worth Rs. 4.46 crores and a closing market price of Rs. 434.00.

Similarly, Asha Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd (ALBSL) exhibited the highest gain of 10%, followed by Infinity Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited (ILBS) with a gain of 9.97%. On the other hand, BPW Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited (BPW) experienced the highest loss at 4.62%.

Regarding sector indices, all sectors concluded in positive territory, with “Non-Life Insurance” registering the highest gain at 2.87%, while “Mutual Fund” saw the lowest gain at 0.38%.


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