“NEPSE Witnesses 10.45 Billion Rupees Loss in a Week: Technical Analysis, Sector Comparison, and Key Highlights”


Trend analysis is a technique used in technical analysis to forecast future movements by examining current trend data. Looking at the daily charts, we can see that the short-term trend is downward (bearish), while the medium-term trend is upward (bullish).

This Wednesday, there was a significant increase in points, with the highest intraday gain reaching 41.06 points. This gain was accompanied by a turnover of Rs 1.88 Arba. However, when we consider the entire week, the total turnover amounted to Rs 10.80 Arba.

In summary, trend analysis helps predict future trends by analyzing current data. The recent daily charts indicate a downward short-term trend and an upward medium-term trend. On Wednesday, there was a notable gain of 41.06 points with a turnover of Rs 1.88 Arba, contributing to a total weekly turnover of Rs 10.80 Arba.


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