NIC asia and its shady businesses .

I hear sth bad about NIC Asia occasionally but how are they doing pretty good in stock market. Saying this i have just started learning about stocks and doing little bit of research on what I can.

So AFAIR they occupied Sudhir basnet’s land by circumventing the law which I am not 100% sure and i was watching k danush’s video about vishal group and he mentioned that nic asia approved big amount of shares applied by accounts which didn’t have any money on their bank account for ghorahi cement because some promoters are same in both companies (vishal group) are same and also they used some shady credit rating institution for nic asia laghubitta sansthan and . Also, I found nic asia interest scam and scams on home loan and they haven’t paid dividend for 3 years which i heard because of technical issues but wouldn’t be surprised if they faked the scenario??

Still the stock price seems relatively higher than other banks which have similar financials . Do you think it will continue being one of the biggest bank in future or the company is destined to fail if incase there is some good government and regulatory bodies for businesses ?

I didn’t do any deep research but just some basic information i came across i would be happy to be proven wrong .

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