NMB Capital’s 4 Mutual Funds Report Lower NAV in Bhadra


NMB Capital Limited has released the Net Asset Value (NAV) Report for Bhadra, 2080.

NMB Hybrid Fund L-1 (NMBHF-1), a 7-year mutual fund managed by NMB Capital, has shared its financial update for the same month. The NAV for Bhadra declined to Rs. 11.79, down from the previous month’s Rs. 11.99.

Starting with a fund size of Rs. 1 Arba, this scheme has invested Rs. 34.51 crores in listed shares and Rs. 1.61 crores in public issue, right shares, and bonus shares. Additionally, it has put Rs. 37.32 crores into bonds and debentures, with Rs. 25.70 crores in fixed deposits and a bank balance of Rs. 17.48 crores.



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