Please share your classic stock holding mistakes.

Please share stories related to buying at top, price starts falling and turning into long term investor especially for non fundamental stock.

Maile chahi BEDC kineko thiye tuppo ma 264 tira, price jharera 175 pugyo.Book value nai 64 rahecha. 240 tira ali kati stop loss liye badheko bela. Pheri jharera 200 tira pugyo. 310 tira recently beche loss recover garna. 370 tira price pugeko taha nai paina ahile 330 around cha pheri. Still has few kittas to sell and looking for swing.😅

Lesson learned: trading garne ho bhanne ni ali networth 100 ko najik bhayeko linu parne rahecha except khola le bagaako hydro. Because, ultimately big players will look for hydros with potential in future. Especially completion huna lageko hydros.

Buy/Sell recommendation haina hai sathi haru. Tetro aaukaat chaina mero.

Edit: Beginner lai chahi ali gaarai hudo rahecha. Mero secondary market ko journey chahi just 8 months. So, I must’ve been lucky to learn some lessons without significant loss.

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