Recently open my TMS account but it does not show my DP watch list. Is it normal?

I recently opened my TMS account but it does not show my DP watch list. Is it wrong?

Also, while opening my broker account I gave the account of Y named bank account which is also in my name for the asked bank account in KYC form but the Demat account is global. Will it be any issue?

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  1. If you were allotted any IPOs, they would be shown in DP watchlist. If you have bought any scrips recently, it may take 3 days to see in your DMAT and DP watchlist in your broker account. Since its your new broker account, it may start showing after1-2 days if not contact your broker.

    You can create your DMAT account from any financial institutions or broker itself who is providing such facilities.

    You can have different bank account linked to your broker account than the one you created DMAT with. The bank account you linked with broker account is basically to collect your fund when you sell your scrips and for other transactions.

    You can check your bank details on MeroShare account, and that bank will receive your cash dividends.

    And yes, it is possible to have different accounts in MeroShare and broker account and also does not matter if you opened your DMAT from different bank.

    I hope it helps.


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