Reliable Nepal Life Insurance (RNLI) Announces 16.84% Dividend and AGM Plans for Fiscal Year 2079/80

Reliable Nepal Life Insurance Limited (RNLI) has scheduled its 7th Annual General Meeting (AGM) to take place on the 29th of Magh, 2080. The venue for the meeting is Lisara Banquet in Gyaneshwor, Kathmandu, commencing at 11 AM on the specified day.

One of the key items on the AGM’s agenda is the approval of a 16.84% dividend for the fiscal year 2079/80. This decision was made during the 126th board of directors meeting on Poush 24. The proposed dividend, to be distributed on the paid-up capital of Rs. 4 Arba, includes a 16% bonus shares valued at Rs. 64 crore and a 0.84% cash dividend amounting to Rs. 3.36 crore. The allocation of a cash dividend is intended to cover the tax amount on the bonus shares.

Additionally, the AGM will address various matters such as endorsing the auditor’s report, which encompasses Profit and Loss statements, financial reports, and cash flow reports. The appointment of an auditor for the fiscal year 2080/81 is also slated for approval. Furthermore, there will be discussions on approving the allowances for the board of directors and the election of 2 directors from the public shareholding group.

The book closure date for entitlement to the dividend payout and participation in the AGM is set for Magh 15. Shareholders who maintain their positions before this date are eligible for the proposed dividends and can actively participate in the AGM proceedings.


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