Ridi Power Company’s Right Shares Listed on NEPSE

Ridi Power Company Limited (RIDI) has successfully listed 77,44,506 units of right shares on the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE), opening up new trading opportunities for investors. This listing follows a recent issuance of right shares by RIDI, offering existing shareholders a chance to increase their holdings in the company.

Earlier, RIDI distributed a 1:0.50 ratio of right shares, totaling 77,44,506 units, to its shareholders between 18th Falgun and 8th Chaitra, 2080. However, only 66,08,849 units were allotted to eligible shareholders, accounting for 85.34% of the total. The remaining 11,35,657 units of unsubscribed right shares were subsequently auctioned off from 29th Chaitra to 9th Baishakh, 2081, managed by Muktinath Capital Limited.

During the auction, the tentative cut-off price for the unsold right shares was determined to be Rs. 148.10. Currently, RIDI boasts a total paid-up capital of Rs. 2.32 Arba, reflecting the company’s financial standing.

With the successful listing of the right shares on NEPSE, investors now have the opportunity to trade these shares on the stock exchange platform. As of the latest update, RIDI’s Last Traded Price (LTP) stands at Rs. 163.70, indicating investor interest in the company’s shares.


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