Sarbottam Cement Reports 55.61% Dip in Q4 Net Profit, Unveils IPO Plans Amid Financial Update

Sarbottam Cement Limited has recently unveiled its financial performance for the fourth quarter of the fiscal year 2079/2080, revealing a significant 55.61% decline in net profit. The company’s net profit contracted from Rs. 46.76 crores in the corresponding quarter of the prior year to Rs. 20.75 crores in Q4, 2079/2080.

Concurrently, the core business revenue, represented by sales revenue, witnessed a notable downturn of 31.74%, decreasing to Rs. 5.38 Arba from Rs. 7.88 Arba year-on-year. The other income of the company also experienced a substantial decline, dropping to Rs. 1.08 crores compared to the previous year’s figure of Rs. 8 crores. However, expenses for the same period exhibited a comparatively modest decrease of 9.27%.

The company’s investment portfolio is reported at Rs. 55.6 crores. Sarbottam Cement’s paid-up capital remains steady at Rs. 4.05 Arba, with retained earnings totaling Rs. 3.45 Arba.

In terms of financial metrics, the annualized earnings per share (EPS) for the company stand at Rs. 5.13, reflecting the per-share profitability, while the net worth per share is reported at Rs. 185.19.

Moreover, Sarbottam Cement is currently in the process of issuing IPO shares through a book-building approach. The IPO entails the issuance of 60 lakh units of shares, constituting 12.9033% of the total issued capital amounting to Rs. 4.65 Arba. Notably, 40% (24 lakh units) of the IPO shares have been issued to the Qualified Institutional Investors (QII) from 6th – 10th Mangsir, 2080, while the remaining 60% (36 lakh units) will be made available to the general public, including employees, foreign migrant workers, mutual fund schemes, and project-affected local individuals.


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