Shivam Cement ko Q1 ko Mysterious 30 Crore Other Income Saved their face !!

Shivam Cement ko Q1 maa aako 30 Crore ko Other Income le yo year bachaayo.
Q1 maa aako 30 Crore ko other income Hongshi ko dividend vanne dherai le socheko hunaparxa; tara yo actual maa Shivam Holdings le deko 9% Bonus Shares lai Other Income maa lyayera rakheko ho. Bonus Shares lai Other Income maa rakhna napaaunuparne ho; IFRS/US GAAP kei maa didaina testo garna lai.

Financial itself is suspicious; moreover operating loss huna thalyo vanera ta news nai aauna thalisakyo.


What are your thoughts on it guys ? I’m asking abt their financials and not abt stock prices.

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  1. I have been investing in shivm because it has low debt as compared to gohari and it’s profit margin is higher. Also they have invested into hongshi and other subsidiary company. So when our economy revives and people start building houses and other construction then shivm has the potential to go higher.

  2. Due to the consequences of the economic cycle, Their sales have shrunk and costs have risen considerably. They still have positive cashflow due to the depreciation allowance. I see their inventories are increasing which is not a good sign for their immediate future either. Margins of the industry has been downhill for some time now. But They have low debt levels so if the economy revives their sales will improve and I see their profits rising to decent levels.

    Shitty accounting and promoters reducing their stake doesn’t paint a brighter picture tho.

    Plus, Where did you get the info that Hongshi issued Stock dividend?


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