Should i sell the shares or keep it?

I bought 80 kitta of Everest bank for 561 Wacc currently trading at 626 i heard that they announced dividend of 10% cash and 10% bonus share but i dont know how to calculate it should i sell the shares or keep it which way iam good? And any way to calculate it and how do i know book close date??

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  1. Alikati ajai badla yo bhanda kina ki div ni Wednesday announce bhako rahecha jhun pachi market khulekai chahina. Tara Nepal ma jagga ko dam badeko jastai dividend announce hunu ali agadi nai thapayera price badisakcha so exact ta kasaile bhanna sakdaina. 80 kitta matra ho bhane ta I believe you should see sell and then rebuy when it gets adjusted (if you truly believe in the company). When it does get adjusted, wait for few months and then buy accordingly. Ofcourse the final decision is up to you but this is just what I think and I don’t want you to blindly believe me. Malai ta personally bank le dherai dividend diyo ki dar matra lagcha dubine bhayo bhanera.

  2. You get 80*10 =800 in cash plus 80*0.1=8 kitta of shares making it 88 kitta. Buy/sell it’s Upto you. EBL is financially strong company so if you are in no rush, keep it till next bull.


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