SIP shills in tiktok and facebook. Are they paid ?

one SIP shill blocked me in their TikTok for saying SIP’s return has been shit and it is basically mutual fund.

Are these SIP shills paid by companies ? mahina ko 1000 jamma garera karodpati, slider tanera barsik 20% return.

Just looked at portfolio of SIP companies, the are basically investing in FD, debentures and worst of all in mutual funds (probably unsold mfs). No wonder their NAV is below par and have shit return.

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  1. You think it’s shit that don’t make it shit.

    FD ma Rs 1000 halna mildaina tara SIP ma milxa which is initiation for saving, if one get dividend same as FD then that’s a win already. When market booms, SIP dividend will surely boom.

  2. Living some numbers here so that others can decide what sort of return one can expect from SIP. Only number that we can rely on is numbers from NIBL Sahabhagita fund as it has given dividend for 3 years now. Return given by this fund is 8.25%, 50%, 7.2% respectively. I will leave the decision now to readers if they think its worth it.


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