Sipla Securities Limited Faces 3-Day Trading Suspension on NEPSE for Settlement Non-Compliance

Sipla Securities Limited, identified as Broker Number 20, is facing a suspension from trading activities on the Nepal Stock Exchange Limited (NEPSE). NEPSE made an official announcement on Monday, declaring the suspension of Sipla Securities for a duration of three working days. The reason cited for this action is the broker’s failure to comply with settlement procedures within the stipulated timeframe.

The decision to suspend Sipla Securities was prompted by a letter received from CDS and Clearing Limited, bringing attention to the non-compliance issue. NEPSE, in response to this communication, took the regulatory step of temporarily halting trading activities for the specified broker.

This suspension underscores the importance of adherence to settlement procedures in the stock exchange, and the regulatory authorities are enforcing such measures to maintain the integrity and efficiency of the trading system. The three-day suspension is intended to address the non-compliance issue and ensure that necessary corrective actions are taken by Sipla Securities Limited.


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