SJLIC Announces 35% Dividend, Urges Shareholders to Dematerialize Shares

In a recent development, SuryaJyoti Life Insurance Company Limited (SJLIC) has declared a substantial 35% dividend for the fiscal year 2079/80. Shareholders are in for a treat as the company distributes 10.26% bonus shares and 24.74% cash dividend. The total worth of the dividends amounts to Rs. 1.12 Arba, bringing good news to investors.

The company’s decision came following its 16th Annual General Meeting held on the 21st of Baishakh, 2081. During the meeting, shareholders discussed various aspects of the company’s performance and future prospects. Additionally, the 371st board of directors meeting convened on Chaitra 20 proposed the attractive dividend package.

SJLIC has also emphasized the importance of dematerializing shares for shareholders who are yet to update their bank information in the Demat account. This move aims to ensure seamless and efficient distribution of dividends directly to the bank accounts of investors.

Furthermore, the company has issued a reminder to eligible investors who have availed loans against their shares. To receive the dividend, these investors must furnish a No Objection Letter from their respective lending institutions before the book closure date.

This initiative reflects SJLIC’s commitment to enhancing shareholder experience and embracing digitalization for smoother transactions. Shareholders are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities to optimize their investment experience with SJLIC.


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