Stonker – Virtual Stock Trading Game – Looking for new players and feedback

Hello! My name is Ethan and I am currently working on a new finance game called “Stonker”


**What is it?**

Stonker is a fantasy finance app hosting a series of games in which players place virtual bets on future stock prices, accumulating “Tendies” (our virtual currency) for accurate predictions.

This game is aimed to teach people about the stock market. Every day at 4:00pm ET (market close) players will receive 7 tickets, these tickets can be redeemed in one of the four available game modes revolving around the real and updating stock market.

**Every week, the person who accumulates the most tendies will be awarded $50 via cashapp!**

Follow the above link and create an account. You will be able to immediately begin playing following creation.

Any feedback or advice would be really helpful! I would be more than happy to respond to questions or hear back about the game. Would really love for new players to try it out!

Also, please join our discord to build our community!


Thank you!

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