Stop loss guide for beginners. Does everyone have a stop loss?


  1. Stop loss for ipo would mean its price falling below Rs. 100 and that doesn’t normally happen.

    Suppose you bought 100 units of share @ 1000 and you cannot make further investment. And after you buy, its price follows a falling trend. It is now you apply stop loss.

    Say the price goes down to 950. You might decide to sell all your shares at this price. This is stop loss where you feel like the price could go further down and you don’t wanna incur more loss. So you exit with some loss that you make peace with.

  2. Investopedia tira ramro ramro definition and use cases hola…. Normally Stop Loss vaneko kineko price ko something percentage le current price ghatyo vane aaba malai ghata hunxa dherai rakhyo vane so mah bechxu vanni case ho jun Stop Order le garxa….. Limit Order vaneko opposite ho…. aarko hunxa bracket order jun chai Stop ra Limit lai ligera banauxa….. Nepali stock haru ma kasari garinxa kunni maile chai Interactive Broker haru ma aani simple backtesting tools use garera garthe

  3. Use atr volatility ko measure ho atr le average ma kati ko price fluctuations hunxa vanera dekhauxa.atr ko 2times jati badi rakhnu stoploss for example if atr is 70 your stop loss should be 2*70 that is Rs 140 . No need for ipos unless it turns out to be an awful company


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