guys saw all the comments on a post here about loss you’ve got due to stock trading. First thing in stocks is to manage risks . thats first part of trading. Dont be like “bholi ta badihalcha ni” or “loss maa ni k bechnu”. We’ve seen companies like NLIC,CGH,NIFRA and many more now due to this bearish phase we are in. Most of the companies have lost at least 30% of their value from peak. those who didnt manage risk must going through real shit. You lose you capital, lose your opportunities and sometimes you may lose your sleep due to losses. So if you’re trading, dont miss stop loss. And dont let trading turn you into investor. Book your losses before they’re too high! And dont trade without proper trading strategy.

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  1. i suggest sell on loss, wait for it to slide down further and buy. i suggested this few months back sensing market decline. this works for dividend giving stocks.

  2. Many here don’t like listening to things like this but Sometimes you must lose the battle to stay in the war.

    Also if you are holding companies that went down 30% just understand it will be very difficult for your stock to recover from here. 20% drop is usually followed by prolonged bear phase.

    If you have cash and are still confident buy more and average but if not you should take the hit and come back when it’s a better environment.

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