Suggest me on the best SIP to purchase.

Hello guys! I am not informed about things related to investments. I want to do a SIP for me, my wife and my son. I want it to be open ended. I prefer a fund that invests more on equity than in debt and would like one where dividend is automatically reinvested.

Are there SIP funds in Nepal which invest in Blue chip only or hydro only or Banking only ?

I am planning to do 3000 NRs per month for all three of us. So, basically, a little over 1 lakh per year. Other than that all of us fill out IPOs.

I have also signed up a 3000/month SIP for my wife and son at NMB Saral Bachat. I did that not knowing anything. One of my colleagues was encouraged me on to do that and I thought that may be a good thing.

But now, I want to do a proper SIP for all three of us. I run a small business and as such do not get enough time to focus on other aspects of investing/trading. So, I do not generally have the time to study and invest.

I have like 5 lakh rupees in my son’s savings account right now. That’s money he earned on birthdays and festivals. I want to invest that for my son’s future. Where do you think would be a good place to put that money to good use?

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