suggest me where should i invest for short time ?

maile paile nai loan ligeko thiye aile tei paisa jamma vako xa (3 lakhs jati), which due date is 6 months later, so is it good decision to invest in hydro below 200 for short time so that i can make some profits. ?

(PS: i am new in secondary market so your suggestion is highly apricated)

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  1. If you can risk 10% of it buy ebl or trh/shl. Id wait for a few days 1-2 till overall nepse drops to 1980. Then a minor correction might come. You could make 5-10% if youre quick. Incase you fail 1980 isnt that bad since in a couple of weeks the 1800-2200 cycle if it continues will get you back to 1980

    Note: the share market is not a place where you can 100% make money. It is a brutal place and people will take your money. In fact there are professionals out there, people who work full time and their sole job being taking your money. So only if you can risk it should you ever do it. 10% is just an arbitary number, a point where you say okay thats too much im out. You could adjust this as per your needs. The rewards rn isnt that great. So for a slightly better risk reward you could wait for the market to hit its bottom at 1850ish

  2. No amount of knowledge is going to save your ass in NEPSE. Warren Buffet himslf would fail.

    Not recommended for short term trading with little knowledge and investment.


    Long term hold only is my current recommendation.

  3. Don’t. 3 lakh paisa timro lagi kehi haina. Market ko ahile varosa xaina. 2 barsai sideways jasto vaidyo vane. Timilai 6 mahne ma sasto ma bechera niklina garo huna ni sakxa. Loan tirideu. Alikati vayeni byaj ghatxa. Ananda ni hunxa. 6 months ma loan tirnu parne paisa, secondary market ma lagayau vane, timilai 6 mahina tanaab matra hunxa. ani vanya jasto result aayena vane, loan tirna actually nai samasya hunxa.

    Loan tira agadi nai, dhukka basa. Baru tespaxi saving gardain, sasta stocks haru kindain basne. Ahile kasta kasta lagani garne haruta roi karai garya xan kamauna nasakera. So secondary market bata 3 lakh ko 10% kamauxu 6 mahina ma, wa 2% nai kamauxu vanera ni nasoche hunxa.


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