Suggestion(50k invest) after turning 18 y/o

I’ll be 18 after 6/7 months

17k almost saving xa in cash 18 hunjel (50k save garnet plan xa)

Afnai bank ac kholey xi

Monthly 1k (S.I.P) mutual fund ma invest garney sochdai xu

12k yearly yo 50k bata easy 2 barsa samma invest habit basxa + pugxa

Remaining 25k I’m planning to invest and gain experience in share market , ka bata suru garum any idea ??aailey bata kei knowledge Lim vaney ko

Aba bachelors ma 1st year batai intern/job paye vaney tyo in small amount ni invest garney plan xa but frm where/how to start frm 0 lvl ??

Course lida thik hola ki free mai Reddit yt will be enough??

Is there any better option yo vanda to invest my save huney wala 50k

EDIT: non of my family members have idea of investing and compounding

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