Since all my exam are now officially over and i will be free for about two month. I am willing to invest this time in learning about secondary trading. made about 70k in last three month from IPO alone so wanna try long time investing too. where do i start. where do i learn? What advice you wish someone had given you when you just started trading .I am willing to put as much hours as needed to learn the basic skills needed. I am a fast learner too . Any book ,videos or any thing in particular to help me get started? will be going through all the suggestion.

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  1. The only best advice would be to have your own stop loss and target .. chahe target ma nabecha but stop loss chai jaha garnu parne ho gara

  2. 70K?That’s a huge amount from IPO alone.How many companies shares have you been allotted?Or were you allotted shares in more than 3-4 DEMAT accounts?

  3. It was your luck that you made 70k. When it comes to secondary market, the profit is infinite but the loss is only 100%

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