Today I learned about the ownership of NEPSE

So, Nepal Government owns 58.66 %, NRB owns 14.60 %, Sanchay Kosh owns 10% , some banks and other institutions own the rest. What does this mean ? How can someone / some organization own a part of the stock exchange ?

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  1. Basically, NEPSE is a company and it has owners. The Stock Exchange (buying/selling of stocks) is the service you are using from them. To make a comparison, let us take an example of eSewa. You use the services of eSewa to make various payments. eSewa is a company and somebody owns a certain percentage of it. Similarly, you use the services of NEPSE to buy and sell stocks of companies through its network of brokers. NEPSE is a company and somebody (like Nepal Government, NRB) owns a certain percentage of it.

    So far, there is only one stock exchange company in Nepal, which is NEPSE. In the future, we can have multiple of those, given that a license is authorized to open a new company. In the case of the USA, there are three major stock exchanges: New York Stock Exchange; NASDAQ, i.e., the Nasdaq Stock Market, and the Chicago Stock Exchange. And all of them are companies.

  2. i guess share holding is not a concept of listed public company only. i think 3 friends can start a company at 30,30,40% ownership and share investment/profit/liability proportionally.

    heard that someone raised to make nepse listed as well.


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