Uncertainty Surrounds NEPSE 30 Implementation Date as Board of Directors Meeting Faces Delays

In a development causing anticipation among stakeholders, the decision on the implementation date for the NEPSE 30 index, proposed a month and a half ago in the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) Board of Directors (BoD), is facing unexpected delays. Despite completing all necessary procedures, the absence of a crucial BoD meeting has become a hurdle in finalizing the NEPSE 30 implementation date.

The Board of Directors, considered pivotal in determining the NEPSE 30 implementation date, is currently uncertain about its meeting schedule. Sources suggest that Chairman Bhupal Baral has not communicated information regarding the meeting schedule due to his busy agenda, causing the delay. However, NEPSE has stated that the next Board of Directors meeting will decide the fate of the NEPSE 30 implementation.

Earlier, the BoD established the Index Operation and Management Committee, led by director Anuj Dahal, to oversee the process. This committee, in line with the ‘Index Development, Operation and Management Internal Procedures, 2080’, comprises key NEPSE executives and is authorized to invite experts if needed. The committee focuses on managing existing indices, developing new ones, and creating market tools through the index.

After thorough study and examination, the committee proposed a date for the NEPSE 30 implementation to the NEPSE Board of Directors. Upon approval, NEPSE will pave the way for the immediate implementation of NEPSE 30. Currently, internal testing of the NEPSE 30 index is in progress.

Stakeholders are eagerly awaiting updates on the meeting schedule and decisions from the NEPSE Board of Directors, hoping for resolution to uncertainties surrounding the NEPSE 30 implementation.


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