Update to the Portfolio tracker that I have been working on

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* Free to use\[ Will moved to subscription based later \]
* Transactions import from MeroShare
* Export/Import your transactions
* Visualize various statistics of your holdings and transactions
* Estimate profit, WACC, selling price for your stock holdings
* Set sell target, stop less for your stock
* Currently the prices updates in 15 minutes interval ( Soon trying to get NEPSE real time API)
* Other more features on the way

Any feedbacks are appreciated.

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  1. Some suggestion:

    When I checked out the subscription it threw no valid date error , I guess you’ve not implemented it.

    When I added ipo share to my portfolio I put 1000 as a price but it calculated the no of shares*price as a total price i.e 10,000.

    Overall the site looks great. I might start using it.

    As someone who’s learning django , i would like to know some stuffs.

    Did you build it on your own or you have a team? how long did it take you?

    How easy was it to implement all the features using django , like all the graphs and all?

    what r you using to host your website

    What are you using for frontend


  2. Liked the idea.

    Small suggestion:
    For subscription, provide two options: free mode and paid. For free portfolio, the price will be updated at the end of day but for paid, the price will be updated as per real time NEPSE api.

    This way you’ll have users from both spectrums.

    Also NEPSE API is expensive af. If you’re not able to breakeven, you might end up burning cash. So go with data scraper at first and later move to NEPSE API.

  3. A small suggestion I would like to give, maybe you could make some change to your Color and make it more soothing, it’s really bright 😅 but still it’s in development phase so I guess it’s completely fine.


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