upper tamakoshi reserved right share


  1. Right share vanya xhahi khaye khayr ghich ho. Khanu nai jaati. Khaynea vane double ghata. Kita bechnu parthyo book close agi. Aba timro price adjust vai sakyo. Arko number of kitta badhi sakyo. Khayenau vane dherai ghata xa.

  2. After book close, the price has been adjusted such that your total worth after you applied and received your right shares, the total worth remains same. So, the price of your existing shares has decreased regardless of you apply for right shares or not. The right share you apply will cost you Rs 100 per kitta, which you can sell at the market price as soon as it gets listed (which might take some time). If you didn’t sell before book close, you better apply. That’s only logical for me.


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