Vishal Group Limited to Auction Promoter Shares of Nepal Reinsurance Company Limited

Vishal Group Limited has initiated the auction of 11,00,000 units of promoter shares of Nepal Reinsurance Company Limited (NRIC). This auction, which commenced on 18th Baisakh, will continue until 26th Baisakh, 2081.

Interested promoter shareholders and institutions have the opportunity to participate in this auction, with a minimum bid rate set at Rs. 280 per share. The auction allows for a minimum bid quantity of 2,00,000 units and a maximum of 11,00,000 units.

NIC Asia Capital Limited is overseeing the auction process as the appointed auction manager, ensuring transparency and efficiency in the bidding process.

At present, Nepal Reinsurance Company Limited (NRIC) has a Last Traded Price (LTP) of Rs. 703.00 per share, providing potential bidders with valuable market insights.

This auction notice presents an opportunity for investors and stakeholders to acquire promoter shares of NRIC, offering a chance to diversify investment portfolios and participate in the reinsurance sector. With clear auction terms and a defined bidding window, interested parties can engage in the auction process with confidence.

For further details and participation guidelines, interested individuals and institutions can refer to the official auction notice provided by Vishal Group Limited.


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