What are the oldest listed companies still trading in Nepse?

I am trying to search for the oldest companies still trading to study their price behavior. Companies like Nabil, NLIC, UNL have charts since 2011-2013 but i am not able to find companies with charts that have greater back history. Please suggest

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  1. I can think of a few way before 2011-13 sbi, nbl, nib(now nimb), nmb, etc in banks. In insurance sicl, nlicl-nlg (both were the same initially when they opened for public but had to change due to seperation between life n non life) and maybe a few other insurances. Hydro wise I think Ahpc, shpc, akpl, chcl, shpc? Aru ma maybe NTC, UNL etc , hotels ma shl, trh, radisson. Microfinance ma Cbbl, ddbl, etc aru sector ko chai u can easily discover


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