What could be the reason for today’s circuit on almost all Microfinance?


  1. Game of accumulation, markup phase and distribution. Ma xai market cycle ko phase ho vanxu. Any underlying reason? Maybe maybe not for me the game is to enjoy the circuits not wonder why. Thik time ma niskine ho tei ho.

  2. Tei bhanya, eso saba 12 baje tira suteko thiye ra 1:30 ma uthera herne bela ta sabai le circuit haani sakya raixa. J hos JBLB chai faaliyo 30 kitta, tei khusi laagyo aru bhanda pani

  3. Well, there is more than what meets the eye but a simple explanation would be that the current trend is like that only (sector rotation). First hotels were hitting circuit, then insurance, now microfinance, and maybe tomorrow finance or development bank.

  4. I think its sector rotation of market
    hotel to life insurance
    life insurance to nonlife insurance
    nonlife to fiance
    and finance to microfinance
    overall market is getting increases by sector rotation and rotation of capital from one sector to another or accumulation of stocks of setors


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