What’s good for the share market and economy of country?

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  1. Right decision from NRB. At least this prevented creation of larger market bubble. Imagine if this loophole was continued and share kheladis using this to pump the stocks and releasing them slowly to retail investors. This could have been another 2008 real estate tragedy.
    He is just scared that no one is going to buy his finance stocks and will be fucked soon. I am wondering which banks he will take with him.

  2. One of the best decision by NRB yeti sano market ma yeti dherai leverage position ko privilege diyo bhane ta market ta purai keyi manche haru ko hat ma pugthyo. hapta ma 3 circuit chaine le matrai ho yesko birod garne euta sustainable growth ko lagi ekdam thik cha yo.

  3. Vane pachi aba NRB le policy stock market Lai maddye najar garera banauna paryo? Instead of economy? Vanepachi aba stock ko price ghatera ghata lagne bittikai, protest garne sab jana?

    Future ma inflationary pressure ayepachi aba momentary policy tight nai na garne? Interest rate increase nai na garne? Interest rate badera share market ma negative impact auncha vanera, economy ko inflationary pressure Lai ignore garne?

  4. These people who will be protesting will be the same people crying when these so called big players fucks their asses off

  5. 50-60 price ko share pump & dump garna ko lagi 500 pugyo. Aba market down huna thale paxe, who’s gonna buy those share. Beginner lai topi lagauna ko lagi last 5 min ma +ve 10% ma badauna paisa chahiyo. That’s the reason they need to remove that cap limit.

    Cornering garna paunu paryo ra sojo investor lai pump & dump garnu paryo vanera andolan garni damki didai xan.

    Be careful before buying such useless share. There are a lots of good undervalue company. Buy those

  6. Yo saab thulo lagani karta lai 12 crore ley chalkhel garna garo vara protest garna lako ho aru kei haina …thulo ra badda lagani karta haru lai aaile dhau dhau vaeraxa.

  7. K ho yo Dependra Agrwal vanne? I saw one clip of him arguing over someone when he was told to have been “vuknu/barking only”

    Arabpati? What’s his portfolio? Any business man?

  8. The timing could have been much better. Otherwise this could aid the vision of our finance minister to promote industrialization of the country.
    But concerned authorities should limit the percentage ownership of public shares, if they really want to minimize bubble behavior. Maybe they are keeping this for pullback.

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